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Math and Educational Manipulatives for Children

Educational experts agree that children understand concepts best with the use of math manipulatives and educational manipulatives. Educational research shows that high levels of learning occur when classroom manipulatives such as math manipulatives are used. When children in the primary grades are able to express ideas and learn concepts through math and educational manipulatives, a solid math and educational foundation is built. Our math manipulatives are very popular for home learning and classrooms. Our other educational manipulatives are extremely popular as well.

Assessment Services, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the most popular hands-on math and science classroom materials in the industry. Assessment Services, Inc. is a trusted source for teachers and parents for quality, cost effective, educational materials in math manipulatives, science manipulatives, and reading materials and reading manipulativs. Teachers, parents and students can experience hands-on math materials for algebra; using algebra tiles class sets, attributes; using attribute lacing buttons, counting and sorting; using math centimeter cubes and math color tiles, fractions, geometry; using geoboards, measurement; using tape measures, money, overhead materials for; base ten, color tiles and counters, patterns; using math pattern blocks, place value; using base ten materials, probability, and time. Our science materials will allow teachers, parents, and students to explore, earth and life science, magnets; using alnico magnets, ceramic magnets, horseshoe magnets and cow magnets, magnifiers, renewable energy, and weather. Learning using math manipulatives, science manipulatives, reading materials and reading manipulativs, educational games and fun educational games will enhance cooperative learning, develop concrete knowledge of math and science skills and math and science content knowledge.


    Keep your lesson plans updated with the latest reading, math, and science manipulatives. Our newest products are featured here so you can find the products that keep your classes on the cutting edge. From science kits to classroom math games, we carry everything you need to engage and inspire your students. Transform your classes into hands-on experiences your classes will never forget.

    Whether you’re looking for reading manipulatives to enhance comprehension, or science kits that bring your lessons to life, we have the classroom supplies you need to make an impact. Choose from a wide selection of the latest science workshop accessories, measuring tools, and classroom math games and watch your students excel. With a constantly updated collection of math and science manipulatives, we supply you with everything you need to take your classroom activities to the next level. Don’t let your presentations become stale; update your lesson plans today with new products from AssessmentServices-edu.com.

  • Wicked Good Math Stuff

    Math classes can be a challenge for many children. Mathematic concepts are often difficult to grasp without the proper examples and explanations. That’s why Assessment Services offers Wicked Good Math Stuff for a variety of math classes and grade levels. Whether you’re teaching algebra, geometry, measurements, fractions or place value, we have tools that will help students grasp mathematic concepts faster and allow them to solve problems more efficiently.

    Choose from proven learning tools like geoboards and algebra tiles to help students grasp classroom concepts. Build lesson plans around math manipulatives that improve student’s retention of their subject matter. We offer a variety of teaching materials to support the hands on materials such as base ten worksheets that provide activities and homework assignments.

    If helping students succeed in math is your top priority, look no further than our selection of math manipulatives. We stand behind our educational materials and we’re sure you will too!

  • Reading

    Spelling and reading go hand in hand, and when students need extra help it’s important to know where to turn. At Assessment Services Inc. we offer reading manipulatives that are designed to help students through their reading struggles. With fun phonics activities for kids, and hands on spelling tools parents and teachers can help students overcome their reading hurdles in a playful way.

    If a student is struggling with reading it’s important make learning the material fun, otherwise you run the risk of getting them more frustrated and possibly giving up. With reading manipulatives you can teach the material from a fresh perspective and allow the student to approach their learning in a new way. Products like unifix cubes make learning about vowels and consonants easy, and can transform spelling lessons into puzzle games.

    For more information about any of our hand on reading products give us a call tool free at 1-800-425-4370. Our customer service department will be glad to answer your questions and help you find the right teaching tools for your students.

  • Science

    Inspire students with science manipulatives that can change their lives! With a renewable energy kit, children can experience the excitement of harnessing natural power for human use. With our books, interactive materials, and other science classroom supplies, your students can learn about the energy demands of the future—and how to meet them.

    By learning the benefits of renewable energy sources and the disadvantages associated with fossil fuels, students gain an understanding of how energy is produced sustainably. Students can construct a wind turbine and learn how the sun creates the winds, providing renewable energy for the entire planet. They’ll also learn about the physics of windmills, how to calculate the forces that act on the rotor blades, and how to design the best energy systems.

    With the endless possibilities our renewable energy science manipulatives provide, you just might expose a student to their future career during your lesson. Order your renewable energy kit and other science classroom supplies today at AssessmentServices-edu.com.

  • Science Supplies

    Take science out of the textbooks and into the hands of your students. Our selection of science classroom supplies will help you prepare lessons on a wide variety of science concepts. From comparing the mass of different items on a scale to measuring out liquids in various graduated cylinders, our science teacher supplies are perfect for teaching both math and science. These teacher school supplies allow your students to practice equations and perform laboratory experiments while learning how the lessons from their textbooks apply in the real world.

    We have all the science teacher supplies you need from plastic tweezers to magnifying glasses. Our selection of teacher school supplies are affordable and designed to be used year after year for excellent class projects. Our science classroom supplies are useful for students in all grades, and educators will love the interactive element these items bring to their lessons. Make science and math come alive with classroom materials from Assessment Services, Inc. today.

  • Teacher Resource Books

    Make your lesson plans easy and effective with our resources for teachers. Incorporating manipulatives and best teaching practices can be a challenge, so our teacher resources books give educators the tools they need to best reach their students. Whether you’re looking for literature, science, or math manipulatives, our collection of resources will help you present important concepts to your students in an informative, engaging way.

    Developing your students’ math and science skills becomes easier when using educational tools like Omnifix Cubes, number tiles, Base Ten and pattern blocks, and three-dimensional geometry. Helping struggling students master difficult concepts is a hallmark of great teaching. Our resources for teachers can assist you in crafting lessons and classroom exercises that will improve your students’ understanding of your subject. These science and math manipulatives guides will also help to provide the kind of educational moments that students remember throughout their lives. Get your teacher resources books today from Assessment Services, Inc.

  • Zoology

    If you’re teaching zoology, life sciences, or biology, you know there’s no better way to engage students than by bringing science out of the textbook and into their hands. Our animal skull replicas are indispensable biology classroom supplies that vividly demonstrate how animals are adapted to their environments. From eye sockets to teeth shape, students can learn how adaptations allow animals to survive in different habitats with varied lifestyles. Replica animal skulls are useful for a wide range of lessons, including the role that an animal plays in its ecosystem and comparing and contrasting animal skulls with those of humans.

    Our animal skull replicas feature beaver, bobcat, jackrabbit, raccoon, and red fox skulls. We also carry replica teeth from coyotes, porcupines, and humans. These replica animal skulls create those priceless lessons that students remember for a lifetime. These plastic skulls are durable so they will endure through many years of instruction and are affordable even for schools on the tightest budgets. You’ll find all of the life sciences, zoology, and biology classroom supplies you need at AssessmentServices-edu.com.

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15 Item(s)