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Learn Zoology Basics with Hands-On Learning Activities

If you’re teaching zoology, life sciences, or biology, you know there’s no better way to engage students than by bringing science out of the textbook and into their hands with hands-on learning activities. Our animal skull replicas are indispensable biology classroom supplies that vividly demonstrate how animals are adapted to their environments. From eye sockets to teeth shape, students can learn how adaptations allow animals to survive in different habitats with varied lifestyles. Replica animal skulls are useful for a wide range of lessons, including the role that an animal plays in its ecosystem and comparing and contrasting animal skulls with those of humans.

Our animal skull replicas feature beaver, bobcat, jackrabbit, raccoon, and red fox skulls. We also carry replica teeth from coyotes, porcupines, and humans. These replica animal skulls create those priceless hands-on learning activities that students remember for a lifetime. These plastic skulls are durable so they will endure through many years of instruction and are affordable even for schools on the tightest budgets. You’ll find all of the life sciences, zoology, and biology classroom supplies you need at AssessmentServices-edu.com.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)