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Students interact with the weather every day, so teaching them about weather is always practical and engaging. A classroom weather station allows you to incorporate both indoor and outdoor activities into your lesson plans. Show your class how weather is measured and predicted in a fun and memorable way. For more exciting activities, you can add an anemometer, an outdoor, upright weather station, and rain gauge for kids! Using these tools you’ll provide endless opportunities for your students to learn about how weather works.

With our indoor and outdoor classroom weather station options, students will learn about the effects of the sun, the rate of rainfall, and even how to measure the wind. With a weather vane for kids, students can hold the instrument in their hands and experiment with wind direction and velocity. Temperature matching puzzles help children understand the relationship between Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. Order your weather vane for kids and rain gauge for kids to complete the perfect weather lessons today.

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2 Item(s)