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Renewable Energy

Inspire students with science manipulatives that can change their lives! With a renewable energy kit, children can experience the excitement of harnessing natural power for human use. With our books, interactive materials, and other science classroom supplies, your students can learn about the energy demands of the future—and how to meet them.

By learning the benefits of renewable energy sources and the disadvantages associated with fossil fuels, students gain an understanding of how energy is produced sustainably. Students can construct a wind turbine and learn how the sun creates the winds, providing renewable energy for the entire planet. They’ll also learn about the physics of windmills, how to calculate the forces that act on the rotor blades, and how to design the best energy systems.

With the endless possibilities our renewable energy science manipulatives provide, you just might expose a student to their future career during your lesson. Order your renewable energy kit and other science classroom supplies today at AssessmentServices-edu.com.

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3 Item(s)