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Magnetism is a concept that lends itself perfectly to classroom exercises and activities. As science manipulatives, classroom magnets provide engaging and memorable experiments that students are sure to enjoy. Choose from a wide variety of magnets including horseshoe magnets, cylindrical magnets, alnico bar magnets, and more. Add color to your classroom activities with ceramic magnetic disks or floating magnets on a plastic stand.

One of the most fascinating ways to show magnetic properties is by using a magnetic field demonstrator. This simple and affordable classroom tool uses iron fillings sealed in a transparent plastic case to show how magnetism affects the iron inside. Whether you want to bring the world of magnetism to your students through a magnetic field demonstrator, classroom magnets, or other science manipulatives, we have all of the classroom supplies you need. Make your magnetism classes come alive. Order your magnets and classroom activities at AssessmentServices-edu.com today.

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)