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Teaching students that math is fun isn’t always easy, but our Wicked Good Math Stuff classroom math games are engaging and enjoyable for a variety of learners. Focusing on some of the most difficult concepts for young learners, these Sudoku games provide a way for students to learn fractions, money, and time-telling without simply answering problems from a textbook. Whether you allow students to complete these games on their own or split them up into competing groups for even more exciting activities, these classroom math games are sure to spice up your lessons.

Our Fraction Sudoku set offers 10 challenging Sudoku puzzles that increase in difficulty. Students learn about equivalent fractions by covering their boards with special fraction chips. To learn how to recognize coins, make correct change, and build mental agility with monetary operation, Money Sudoku is an excellent hands-on experience. With realistic coins included, these Money Sudoku puzzles help students master money concepts quickly. Using a clock can be tricky for some students, but our Time Sudoku puzzles give them the chance to tell time with digital, analog, and word forms. Whether you’re looking for time, money, or fraction Sudoku puzzles, you can order classroom puzzles you’ll use for years from AssessmentServices-edu.com today!

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2 Item(s)