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Students learn best through hands-on activities where they can interact directly with the concepts they’ve learned from their textbooks. Teaching probability to young students can be a challenge, but with our Wicked Good Math Stuff teaching tools your students will learn faster and retain the information longer. Probability spinners are available in a number of different styles. As students spin the pointers around, they’ll learn how likely it is for the pointer to stop on a certain number or word. You can also use see-through probability spinners to guide classroom exercises with your overhead projector.

Perhaps no object is more associated with probability than dice, and our foam dice are an excellent addition to your probability lessons. Probability dice give students the opportunity to roll the dice themselves to perform various in-class activities. Available with dots, numbers, and operations, our foam dice are safe for use in any classroom. For more advanced students, our probability kit allows for complex computations for grades 3 through 12. Order your probability spinners, probability dice, and other probability items from AssessmentServices-edu.com today.

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10 Item(s)