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Overhead Materials

Math Educational Resources for Teachers


Make math lessons more friendly and approachable for young learners with our overhead materials and manipulatives. At Assessment Services, Inc., we sell a variety of educational resources for teachers to make time in the classroom fun and accessible. These overhead materials allow you to demonstrate how fundamental math concepts work in a visible, practical way.


These are a great option for both visual and tactile learners. By displaying them on the overhead, the entire class may follow along while you invite more hands-on students to work with the manipulatives.  Your students will enjoy the chance to be involved with your demonstrations – and the opportunity to explore math in non-theoretical terms.


Explore Our Other Materials


Expand learning in your math classroom with our diverse collection of educational resources for teachers. In addition to our overhead materials, we sell many other types of manipulatives and math lesson resources. Whether you’re teaching basic concepts like counting or exploring advanced topics like algebra, geometry, and probability, we have materials you and your students will love working with.


Contact us if you have any questions about our products or ordering from our store. We look forward to helping you inspire a love for math in your students.

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6 Item(s)