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Young students are often challenged when learning about money. With such diverse topics as understanding the different bills and coins, making correct change, and how to add and subtract these values, it’s easy to see how children can become confused—especially before they are interacting with money in their daily lives. We offer a variety of classroom math games focused on money to help students learn the most essential mathematic concepts relating to money. Students who use our money manipulatives and money games for kids along with their textbook lessons have a deeper understanding of how money works—and have a lot of fun while they learn!

Using an overhead projector, you can demonstrate a variety of monetary concepts with our see-through overhead coins and bills. For a more hands-on experience, your students will enjoy our school coin set. These money manipulatives look just like real coins but are more student-friendly. Money Sudoku and other money games for kids help students become familiar with the most important money-based concepts. Order your money manipulatives and more today from AssessmentServices-edu.com.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)