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Measuring is a physical activity, so what better way to get students out of their chairs and excited about math class? These tools enrich lesson plans with experiences that students retain. In addition to balance kits, measuring tape sets, and graduated cylinder assortments, you can find the teacher’s resources to help create lesson plans focused on measuring activities.

Using the clinometer is almost like magic. This simple device can determine the heights of buildings or trees and the depths of valleys. By providing the angle to the students, they’ll need to calculate the height using a formula, which makes for a great activity in the classroom or outdoors. The trundle wheel gives students a fun way to measure distance and size and features a sturdy construction that will last for many years. Our popular Unifix cubes are another colorful addition to the classroom that serve as excellent aids for learning measurement principles, along with many other mathematical functions. Whether you’d like to add a clinometer, a trundle wheel, a graduated cylinder set, or unifix cubes to your classroom, we’ve got the measurement tools you need to liven up your next math class.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)