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Geometry - Geoboards

Geometry is often a three-dimensional subject trapped within two-dimensional textbook pages. Bring geometry to life with math manipulatives that allow your students to experience geometric principles in the real world. Investigating geometry becomes fun and fascinating with these tools, leaving the rote memorization and lectures behind. We supply both the tools your class can use to explore geometric shapes and concepts, as well as the teacher’s resources to help you with lesson plans and classroom exercises.

Foam or wood geometric models are excellent starting points for in-class activities, with pentomino sets and geomirrors also serving as geometric reinforcement. For explore plotting, map skills, area, symmetry, and perimeter, a Geoboard is an indispensable tool. With an isometric array on one side and a coordinate grid on the other, a Geoboard is useful for a wide range of activities. Omnifix cubes are even more versatile. With the ability to connect the omnifix cubes in any direction, students can create rods, blocks, geometric shapes, or abstract forms. For number bases, fractions, cubed numbers, and more, these cubes can provide an infinite number of classroom exercises. Order your geometric math manipulatives today!

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)