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Counting and Sorting

Math Manipulatives from Assessment Services, Inc. 

Take mathematical concepts out of textbooks and into your students’ hands. Our Wicked Good Math Stuff math manipulatives give students a way to interact with concepts like counting, sorting, estimation, and basic operations. From the silent fun of foam dominoes to the challenging dimensions of Omnifix cubes, you can supply your students with exercises and activities that utilize their physical senses as well as their logical reasoning. Whether you’re using simple counters, colorful blocks, or Unifix cubes, we have the manipulatives that will help your students succeed.

Young students can benefit from the bright colors of these math manipulatives. Little ones can learn to sort by color, develop eye-hand coordination, and match different items together. Intermediate students can use sorting circles to create Venn diagrams or connect links to form chains in various colors or patterns. Unifix cubes are popular with students and instructors for grades K through 6, while Omnifix cubes can be used up to 12th grade for exploring spacial relationships, cubed numbers, tessellations, and even abstract forms. Find tactile reinforcement for your math lessons today at AssessmentServices-edu.com.

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5 Item(s)