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Wicked Good Math Stuff

Math classes can be a challenge for many children. Mathematic concepts are often difficult to grasp without the proper examples and explanations. That’s why Assessment Services offers Wicked Good Math Stuff for a variety of math classes and grade levels. Whether you’re teaching algebra, geometry, measurements, fractions, or place value, we have tools that will help students grasp mathematical concepts faster and allow them to solve problems more efficiently.


Choose from proven learning tools like geoboards and algebra tiles to help students grasp classroom concepts. Build lesson plans around math manipulatives that improve student’s retention of their subject matter. We offer a variety of teaching materials to support the hands-on materials such as base ten worksheets that provide activities and homework assignments.


If helping students succeed in math is your top priority, look no further than our selection of math manipulatives. We stand behind our educational materials and we’re sure you will too!

  • Algebra - Algebra Tiles

    Wicked Good Math Stuff Algebra Tiles

    Students can struggle to learn how to solve algebra problems and understand algebraic thinking and concepts. Our Wicked Good Math Stuff algebra tiles give you and your students a powerful tool for solving algebra problems easily. These math manipulatives allow students to see math in three dimensions, reinforcing lessons and allowing students to learn how to add, subtract, and multiply integers with ease. Algebra block manipulatives serve as the basis for classroom exercises, games, and learning experiences that your students won’t forget.

    Along with our math manipulatives, we carry several books that provide algebra teachers with options on how to make abstract concepts using algebra tiles and other classroom tools. Develop your students’ fascination by bridging the gap between algebraic statements and reality, while also providing your students with notes and activity sheets that help them improve their algebra skills. Our algebra manipulatives are an excellent method for teaching quadratic and linear equations, along with all manner of factoring and problem-solving skills. Order yours today at AssessmentServices-edu.com.

  • Attributes

    Wicked Good Math Stuff Attribute Manipulatives

    Identifying and comparing shapes and colors is an important part of the early learning process. Our Wicked Good Math Stuff attribute manipulatives such as attribute blocks, sorting circles, and activity cards help your students learn by interaction. Creating lesson plans based around attributes is easier than ever with our selection of math manipulatives. Our attribute lacing buttons allow for sorting by color, shape, number of buttonholes, and more. These tools develop eye-hand coordination and improve sorting and matching skills.

    Our attribute blocks set is an excellent way for very young children to develop shape recognition and explore through free play. For older students, an attribute blocks set builds categorizing and deduction skills. Montessori shapes give students the option of tracing the shapes or using them as stencils. This helps reinforce the shapes, while further exercises with the Montessori shapes allow students to match the shapes to their appropriate bases. Sorting circles provide color-coded areas to sort shapes and also create Venn diagrams. Our Wicked Good Math Stuff activity cards and other math manipulatives help you create other exciting exercises for your students. Order your attribute manipulatives today!

  • Base Ten - Place Value

    Learn Math Fundamentals with Base Ten Blocks

    Engaging students with Wicked Good Math Stuff math manipulatives helps them visualize and experience numerical concepts, reinforcing lessons from lectures, texts, and workbooks. With base ten blocks, your classes can master numbers and patterns in a new way, allowing them to learn counting, place value, number sense, addition, and subtraction easily. During elementary school, when early cognitive development is crucial, base ten blocks provide an excellent resource for lesson plans, evaluations, and group exercises.

    From pre-school through 6th grade, your classes may require more help visualizing the basics of math: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and measurement. Unifix cubes are a fun, colorful way to increase student understanding of patterns, groups, and mathematical sorting. Ages four years old and up can enjoy linking numerical units together to discover the magic of math in sets that include anywhere from 100 to 1000 Unifix cubes! Give your students the tools they need to succeed in mathematics with math manipulatives from AssessmentServices-edu.com.

  • Counting and Sorting

    Math Manipulatives from Assessment Services, Inc. 

    Take mathematical concepts out of textbooks and into your students’ hands. Our Wicked Good Math Stuff math manipulatives give students a way to interact with concepts like counting, sorting, estimation, and basic operations. From the silent fun of foam dominoes to the challenging dimensions of Omnifix cubes, you can supply your students with exercises and activities that utilize their physical senses as well as their logical reasoning. Whether you’re using simple counters, colorful blocks, or Unifix cubes, we have the manipulatives that will help your students succeed.

    Young students can benefit from the bright colors of these math manipulatives. Little ones can learn to sort by color, develop eye-hand coordination, and match different items together. Intermediate students can use sorting circles to create Venn diagrams or connect links to form chains in various colors or patterns. Unifix cubes are popular with students and instructors for grades K through 6, while Omnifix cubes can be used up to 12th grade for exploring spacial relationships, cubed numbers, tessellations, and even abstract forms. Find tactile reinforcement for your math lessons today at AssessmentServices-edu.com.

  • Fractions

    Fractions can be a difficult concept for young students to grasp. Our Wicked Good Math Stuff fraction circles and fraction dice allow you to bring fractions to life in a tangible way for your students. Fraction circles are visual and tactile extensions of your math lessons. With these math manipulatives, your students can see and feel what ½, 1/3, ¼, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, and 1/12 are like in the real world. This reinforcement helps students conceptualize fractions and allows them to manipulate that understanding in their minds to solve problems.

    It’s easy to devise learning games and exercises that make math fun with fraction dice. These foam dice sets can be ordered in groups of 5 or in buckets of 120. Marked with the fractions ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 1-1/4, and 1-1/2, your students can learn how to deal with these common fractions in way that’s engaging and fun. Also explore our selection of magnetic fraction tiles, fraction Sudoku, and fraction workbooks! Order your fraction math manipulatives today at AssessmentServices-edu.com.

  • Geometry - Geoboards

    Geometry is often a three-dimensional subject trapped within two-dimensional textbook pages. Bring geometry to life with math manipulatives that allow your students to experience geometric principles in the real world. Investigating geometry becomes fun and fascinating with these tools, leaving the rote memorization and lectures behind. We supply both the tools your class can use to explore geometric shapes and concepts, as well as the teacher’s resources to help you with lesson plans and classroom exercises.

    Foam or wood geometric models are excellent starting points for in-class activities, with pentomino sets and geomirrors also serving as geometric reinforcement. For explore plotting, map skills, area, symmetry, and perimeter, a Geoboard is an indispensable tool. With an isometric array on one side and a coordinate grid on the other, a Geoboard is useful for a wide range of activities. Omnifix cubes are even more versatile. With the ability to connect the omnifix cubes in any direction, students can create rods, blocks, geometric shapes, or abstract forms. For number bases, fractions, cubed numbers, and more, these cubes can provide an infinite number of classroom exercises. Order your geometric math manipulatives today!

  • Math Games

    Teaching students that math is fun isn’t always easy, but our Wicked Good Math Stuff classroom math games are engaging and enjoyable for a variety of learners. Focusing on some of the most difficult concepts for young learners, these Sudoku games provide a way for students to learn fractions, money, and time-telling without simply answering problems from a textbook. Whether you allow students to complete these games on their own or split them up into competing groups for even more exciting activities, these classroom math games are sure to spice up your lessons.

    Our Fraction Sudoku set offers 10 challenging Sudoku puzzles that increase in difficulty. Students learn about equivalent fractions by covering their boards with special fraction chips. To learn how to recognize coins, make correct change, and build mental agility with monetary operation, Money Sudoku is an excellent hands-on experience. With realistic coins included, these Money Sudoku puzzles help students master money concepts quickly. Using a clock can be tricky for some students, but our Time Sudoku puzzles give them the chance to tell time with digital, analog, and word forms. Whether you’re looking for time, money, or fraction Sudoku puzzles, you can order classroom puzzles you’ll use for years from AssessmentServices-edu.com today!

  • Measurement

    Measuring is a physical activity, so what better way to get students out of their chairs and excited about math class? These tools enrich lesson plans with experiences that students retain. In addition to balance kits, measuring tape sets, and graduated cylinder assortments, you can find the teacher’s resources to help create lesson plans focused on measuring activities.

    Using the clinometer is almost like magic. This simple device can determine the heights of buildings or trees and the depths of valleys. By providing the angle to the students, they’ll need to calculate the height using a formula, which makes for a great activity in the classroom or outdoors. The trundle wheel gives students a fun way to measure distance and size and features a sturdy construction that will last for many years. Our popular Unifix cubes are another colorful addition to the classroom that serve as excellent aids for learning measurement principles, along with many other mathematical functions. Whether you’d like to add a clinometer, a trundle wheel, a graduated cylinder set, or unifix cubes to your classroom, we’ve got the measurement tools you need to liven up your next math class.

  • Money

    Young students are often challenged when learning about money. With such diverse topics as understanding the different bills and coins, making correct change, and how to add and subtract these values, it’s easy to see how children can become confused—especially before they are interacting with money in their daily lives. We offer a variety of classroom math games focused on money to help students learn the most essential mathematic concepts relating to money. Students who use our money manipulatives and money games for kids along with their textbook lessons have a deeper understanding of how money works—and have a lot of fun while they learn!

    Using an overhead projector, you can demonstrate a variety of monetary concepts with our see-through overhead coins and bills. For a more hands-on experience, your students will enjoy our school coin set. These money manipulatives look just like real coins but are more student-friendly. Money Sudoku and other money games for kids help students become familiar with the most important money-based concepts. Order your money manipulatives and more today from AssessmentServices-edu.com.

  • Overhead Materials

    Math Educational Resources for Teachers


    Make math lessons more friendly and approachable for young learners with our overhead materials and manipulatives. At Assessment Services, Inc., we sell a variety of educational resources for teachers to make time in the classroom fun and accessible. These overhead materials allow you to demonstrate how fundamental math concepts work in a visible, practical way.


    These are a great option for both visual and tactile learners. By displaying them on the overhead, the entire class may follow along while you invite more hands-on students to work with the manipulatives.  Your students will enjoy the chance to be involved with your demonstrations – and the opportunity to explore math in non-theoretical terms.


    Explore Our Other Materials


    Expand learning in your math classroom with our diverse collection of educational resources for teachers. In addition to our overhead materials, we sell many other types of manipulatives and math lesson resources. Whether you’re teaching basic concepts like counting or exploring advanced topics like algebra, geometry, and probability, we have materials you and your students will love working with.


    Contact us if you have any questions about our products or ordering from our store. We look forward to helping you inspire a love for math in your students.
  • Pattern Blocks - Patterns

    Recognizing and understanding patterns is an excellent method of developing mathematical skills in students. Our Wicked Good Math Stuff selection of pattern blocks, pattern books, and unifix cubes provides your students with strategies and tactile representations of patterns that help flex their mathematical muscles. Solving problems with these pattern blocks, counters, and unifix cubes provides students in kindergarten through middle school with experiences and knowledge that will help them master concepts like grouping, sorting, and measurement, as well as basic math operations.

    Students who learn visually or through hands-on learning really benefit from working with math manipulatives. Books about pattern blocks help you create lesson plans that focus on patterning, spatial sense, fractions, geometry, symmetry, and number operations. Class activities with pattern blocks and unifix cubes make a lasting impression on students and help prepare them for more advanced mathematics. Give your students a fresh challenge that will improve their skills in many areas of math. Order your pattern manipulatives today at AssessmentServices-edu.com.

  • Probability

    Students learn best through hands-on activities where they can interact directly with the concepts they’ve learned from their textbooks. Teaching probability to young students can be a challenge, but with our Wicked Good Math Stuff teaching tools your students will learn faster and retain the information longer. Probability spinners are available in a number of different styles. As students spin the pointers around, they’ll learn how likely it is for the pointer to stop on a certain number or word. You can also use see-through probability spinners to guide classroom exercises with your overhead projector.

    Perhaps no object is more associated with probability than dice, and our foam dice are an excellent addition to your probability lessons. Probability dice give students the opportunity to roll the dice themselves to perform various in-class activities. Available with dots, numbers, and operations, our foam dice are safe for use in any classroom. For more advanced students, our probability kit allows for complex computations for grades 3 through 12. Order your probability spinners, probability dice, and other probability items from AssessmentServices-edu.com today.

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