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About Us

Assessment Services, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the most popular hands-on Wicked Good Math Stuff and science classroom materials in the industry. Assessment Services, Inc. is a trusted source for teachers and parents for quality, cost effective, educational materials in math manipulatives, science manipulatives, and reading materials and reading manipulatives. Teachers, parents and students can experience hands-on math materials for algebra; using algebra tiles class sets, attributes; using attribute lacing buttons, counting and sorting; using math centimeter cubes and math color tiles, fractions, geometry; using geoboards, measurement; using tape measures, money, overhead materials for; base ten, color tiles and counters, patterns; using math pattern blocks, place value; using base ten materials, probability, and time. Our science materials will allow teachers, parents, and students to explore, earth and life science, magnets; using alnico magnets, ceramic magnets, horseshoe magnets and cow magnets, magnifiers, renewable energy, and weather. Learning using math manipulatives, science manipulatives, reading materials and reading manipulatives, educational games and fun educational games will enhance cooperative learning, develop concrete knowledge of math and science skills and math and science content knowledge.

The founder of Assessment Services, Inc. has over twenty-five years of experience in the education industry developing and producing math and science materials. Assessment Services Inc., was created: (1) from a desire to continue a long term, successful partnership in the science assessment industry; (2) to meet a growing need for science assessment kits created in response to the requirements of federal education legislation; (3) to provide the highest quality classroom materials to schools and teachers at the best possible price.

Assessment Services Inc., designs and develops materials for hands-on performance assessment kits specializing in educational products; math and science kits and materials for custom curriculum, math and science and classroom materials.

Call to speak to one of our Professionals to discus further options and provide invaluable suggestions and insights into your custom classroom and homeschooling needs.

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