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Beaver Skull Replica

Animal skull replicas for students to explore and see differences in each skull and how the animal is adapted to its habitat and environment. Compare their sizes and weights, teeth, and bone structure.

  • Beaver - $50.00

    The American Beaver lives throughout North America. Beavers are skilled builders in making dams of tree branches and mud to create their habitat. Beavers use their large teeth to chew through trees and their large flat tails for balancing, swimming, and packing mud. Beavers are herbivores. Approximate dimensions: L 14.5cm x W 10.5cm x H 10.0cm.  Made from ABS plastic, natural bone color.

    Bobcat - $50.00

    Bobcats are found throughout North America. Bobcats are territorial and solitary, and maintain several dens in their territory. The bobcat has a short "bobbed" tail, which is where its name came from. Bobcats are excellent hunters that stalk their prey. Bobcats are carnivores.  Approximate dimensions: L 13.2cm x W 9.5cm x H 6.5cm.  Made from ABS plastic, natural bone color.

    Jackrabbit - $35.00

    Jackrabbits are part of the hare species and live in North America and other parts of the world. The jackrabbit's ears are larger that rabbit ears and they have longer hind legs for jumping and running at high speeds. The jackrabbit got the name form its ears. Jackrabbits and hares are herbivores.  Approximate dimensions: L 9.0cm x W 4.0cm x H 5.0cm.  Made from ABS plastic, natural bone color.

    Raccoon - $45.00

    Raccoons can be found primarily in North and South America. Raccoons have black patches on their eyes that resemble a mask. Raccoons eat almost anything. They have quick paws with long fingers, which allow them to manage any type of food. They like to eat frogs, crayfish, fruit, insects and garden vegetables. Raccoons like to live near water and live in hollow trees. Raccoons are omnivores.  Approximate dimensions: L 12.0cm x W 7.2cm x H 6.0cm.  Made from ABS plastic, natural bone color.

    Red Fox - $45.00

    The red fox is found in many areas around the world. They thrive in many different habitats. The red fox is solitary and live in ranges. The range may vary in size depending on the habitat. Within the range the red fox will have a den, resting places and paths. The red fox can run fast and jump high. Red foxes are omnivores.  Approximate dimensions: L 13.5cm x W 7.0cm x H 5.5cm.  Made from ABS plastic, natural bone color.

    Teeth Replicas - $6.95

    Students can see first hand what types of teeth mammals have by examining these excellent replicas of: Coyote upper and lower carnassials; Coyote canine; Human molar; and Porcupine incisor.