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Algebra Tiles For Your Classroom | Student Set

Child Safety Warning
How many pieces in a set of Algebra Tiles? Algebra tile student set contains 32 pieces. Algebra tile class set contains 30 student sets and a teacher resource guide, "Working with Algebra Tiles".

  • Algebra tile manipulatives allow students to better understand algebraic thinking and algebra concepts. Algebra tiles are an excellent tool for students to solve algebra problems and use for algebra practice.
    • Using algebra tiles provide concrete models for students when learning to add, subtract, and multiply integers.
    • Use Algebra tiles for modeling and simplifying algebraic expressions, distributive property, solving linear equations, and multiplying polynomials and binomials.
    How many pieces in a set of Algebra Tiles?

    Each student set includes 32, two-color plastic pieces which represent +/-. The Algebra tile 32 piece set includes, 4 - x² variables, 8 - xy variables, and 20 - y constants.

    Each class set includes 30 student sets and a teacher resource guide, "Working with Algebra Tiles". The resource guide includes, worksheets, algebra word problems, algebra games, a digital book copy, and interactive algebra tiles.

    Grades 6 and up.

    Student Set - 32 pieces - $2.50

    Class Set -
    30 Algebra tile student sets and a teacher resource guide - $65.00

    Triangle Warning SymbolWARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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