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Reading, Math, and Science Hands-On Learning


Educational experts agree that children understand concepts best with the use of math manipulatives and educational manipulatives.


We design and develop materials for performance-based assessments and specialize in custom kits for science and math curriculum.


We provide teacher resources that aid educators in developing unforgettable lesson plans that both educate and inspire their students.

Our Most Popular Math and Science Classroom Materials

Welcome to Assessment Services, Inc.

At Assessment Services, Inc. we believe in the importance of hands-on learning. That’s why we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of educational manipulatives. Our learning tools are designed with educational enrichment in mind. From math manipulatives like algebra tiles and base ten blocks to reading and science manipulatives, our products help connect children with valuable concepts in classroom.

If you’re a parent or teacher searching for hands-on educational manipulatives to explain complex math, science, or reading lessons to your students, our classroom materials can help. Shop today for great prices on geoboards, pattern blocks, magnet sets, Unifix cubes, life science activities, and more. We’re sure our products can improve your lesson plans and make your learning environment even more engaging. We even offer tips and resources for parents and teachers to improve the children’s learning habits and help them make learning more fun.

The Value of Educational & Math Manipulatives

Educational experts agree that children understand concepts best with the use of math manipulatives and educational manipulatives. Educational research shows that high levels of learning occur when classroom manipulatives such as math manipulatives are used. When children in the primary grades are able to express ideas and learn concepts through math and educational manipulatives a solid math and educational foundation is built. Our math manipulatives are very popular for home learning and classrooms. Our other educational manipulatives are extremely popular as well.

Assessment Services, Inc. is a leading supplier and manufacturer of educational manipulatives of the most popular hands-on math and science classroom materials in the industry. Assessment Services, Inc. is a trusted source for teachers and parents for quality, cost-effective, educational materials in math manipulatives, science manipulatives, reading materials, and reading manipulatives. Teachers, parents, and students can experience hands-on math materials for algebra; using algebra tiles class sets, attributes; using attribute lacing buttons, counting and sorting; using math centimeter cubes and math color tiles, fractions, geometry; using geoboards, measurement; using tape measures, money, overhead materials for; base ten blocks, color tiles and counters, patterns; using math pattern blocks, place value; using base ten materials, probability, and time. Our science materials will allow teachers, parents, and students to explore, earth and life science, magnets; using alnico magnets, ceramic magnets, horseshoe magnets, and cow magnets, magnifiers, renewable energy, and weather. Learning using math manipulatives, science manipulatives, reading materials, reading manipulatives, educational games, and fun educational games will enhance cooperative learning, develop concrete knowledge of math and science skills and math and science content knowledge.