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Using Omnifix Cubes, these 16 full-color activity cards address key concepts with a challenging activity.
Price: $11.95
Item Number: 030-0092

Encourage hands-on problem-solving with these 16 full-color activity cards. Each card addresses a key concept with clear directions and a challenging activity. Topics include rotation, symmetry, perimeter, area, factors, volume and more. Comes with a product guide.

Grades 3-6

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Image of 3D Problem Solving with Omnifix Cubes Guide
3D Problem Solving with Omnifix Cubes
Price: $10.95
3D Problem Solving with Omnifix Cubes
These hands-on activities for Omnifix Cubes supports the acquisition of spatial sense as well as the language of three-dimensional geometry. Grades 6-12
Foam Geometric Model Set
Foam Geometric Models Set/12
Price: $13.95
Foam Geometric Models Set/12
Comes in a set of twelve and three colors. Red, blue and yellow.
Geo Strip Set
Geo Strips
Price: $28.95
Geo Strips
These flexible strips are designed to fasten together with brass brads to form plane geometric figures. Grades 3-8
Class set of Geoblocks
Geoblocks Set/330
Price: $68.00
Geoblocks Set/330
Set of 330 hardwood Geoblocks includes 180 cubes, 42 rectangular prisms, 102 triangular prisms and six pyramids. Grades K-6
Geoboard has a 11 x 11 pin array on one side and an isometric array on the other.
Geoboard 11 x 11 pin array, 9"
Price: $3.50
Geoboard 11 x 11 pin array, 9"
Geoboard 9" with rubber bands. Use geoboards to explore shapes, designs, spacial relationships, angles, fractions, area, perimeter, symmetry, and coordinates.
This set includes 12 smooth, solid hardwood shapes, including sphere, cube, cylinders, pyramid, prisms, hemisphere, cones, and rectangular solids.
Geometric Solids Set/12
Price: $14.95
Geometric Solids Set/12
Hardwood set/12
With this unique device, students can easily learn about symmetry and transformational geometry.
Price: From $2.50 to $68.00
Order as each or a class set of 30.
This book conveys the topics of three-dimensional geometry and spacial relations all in 76 pages.
Investigating 3D Geometry Book
Price: $7.95
Investigating 3D Geometry Book
Teacher resource book for geometry.
Made from sturdy plastic, these three dimensional shapes are a great teaching device in the area of geometry.
Large 3D Shapes Set/12
Price: $28.00
Large 3D Shapes Set/12
Set includes 12 shapes in 4 colors Grades K-4
Omnifix Cubes can be used with any math curriculum that specifies linking cubes.
Omnifix Cubes
Price: From $10.50 to $99.50
Omnifix Cubes
Omnifix Cubes can be used with any math curriculum that specifies linking cubes. They come in four brilliant colors and measure 2cm. Grades 3-12

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