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Math balance,simple scale,bucket balance
Price: $42.50
Item Number: 110-0827
A great resource for any classroom, this balance kit includes interchangeable parts that can be used to create a math balance, simple scale or bucket balance. Packaged in a heavy-duty storage case.

Grades 1-8

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Centimeter cubes come in ten colors, measure 1 centimeter and weight 1 gram each
Centimeter Cubes Set/1000
Price: $12.50
Centimeter Cubes Set/1000
These non-interlocking math centimeter cubes come in 10 bright colors. Each centimeter cube weighs 1 gram. An excellent manipulative for counting, weighing, measuring and patterning. Set includes 1000 centimeter cubes!
Math Color Tiles
Math Color Tiles Set/400
Price: $12.95
Math Color Tiles Set/400
Plastic color tiles are one-inch and come in a set of 400 in four colors, red, blue, yellow, and green. Use math color tiles for patterning activities, counting, sorting, estimation and place value.
Unifix cubes, the most widely used math manipulative comes in several different sets and colors. Red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, green, orange, maroon, brown, black, and white colors.
Unifix Cubes
Price: From $9.50 to $78.50
Unifix Cubes
Unifix cubes, the most widely used math manipulative in the world. Comes in several sets.

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